June 6 – June 8, 2019

Orlando, FL

Controlling Your Destiny.

Commercial Auto is one of the greatest risks impacting small and middle market companies today. From litigation financing, punitive damage judgements and the reptile theory, it is critical for your company to take a proactive approach.

The aim of the Summit is to present small and middle market companies with ideas, concepts and products that will facilitate innovation, success and transformation. The year’s theme, “Controlling your Destiny,” will focus on providing risk management, technology and claims management strategies to combat trends impacting companies today.


The Summit was pioneered and garnered traction under Energi, a leading provider of risk management and insurance offerings to the energy industry. In 2016, the Summit became open to all small and middle market companies. That same year, eServices, an Energi subsidiary, began managing the Summit and partnered with lead sponsor FIRST Insurance Funding to host the Conference.

In 2018, Energi launched eCaptiv, a Vermont domiciled captive insurance company focused on providing captive insurance solutions to the energy and transportation industry. With the new programs, the Summit this year will host the first Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors and Members for eCaptiv PC1-IC and PC2-IC.

It’s Your Move.