Session Descriptions

General Sessions


The State of the Market

Brian K. McCarthy, CEO of Energi will provide updates on trends that are impacting small and middle market companies today, and how this is affecting the insurance market.

Industry Trends

How to Become a More Attractive Risk to an Insurance Provider

A panel of experts will discuss techniques for your company to become more attractive to insurance providers.

Vehicle Technology Solutions

The commercial automobile industry has seen a significant increase in the number of large claims that has resulted in a direct effect on insurance prices and other expenses for businesses. This session will explore various options to control driving risk and safety concerns.

How to Change for Tomorrow

Justin Berry of FIRST Insurance Funding will discuss verticals in your operation to drive growth and profit and the importance of cultivating the right people.

Breakout Sessions

Industry Best Practices

These sessions will focus on implementation of Industry Best Practices to ultimately minimize losses and their resulting financial impact.

Roundtable Discussions

Commercial Auto Trends

A moderated discussion will focus on commercial automobile underwriting losses and the recent extended period of heightened claims severity that is ultimately resulting in increased pricing.

FIRST Insurance Funding Round-up

Learn about the innovative products and services offered by FIRST Insurance Funding for the insurance market including premium financing, pay-as-you-go, and additional solutions.

Litigation Management Strategies

Participants will examine ways to appropriately manage the litigation process. A group of lawyers along with claims experts will review cases where proper litigation management resulted in greater outcomes.

Perspective on the Reinsurance Market

A moderated discussion about the current state and future outlook of the reinsurance market through the lens of worldwide reinsures and reinsurance brokers.

Using Vehicle Technologies to Improve Driver Behavior

Learn about certain vehicle technologies such as dash cameras, collision avoidance technology, vehicle telematics and sideguards that can improve driver behavior.

Risk Management

DOT Audit Compliance

Review what steps you need to take if your company or an individual vehicle is audited or inspected by DOT.

Early Reporting and Its Impact

Learn the importance of reporting an incident early, aggressively reporting a loss, and the impact of accurately documenting the facts leading up to the loss.

Environmental Regulation Update

This session will review impending changes in the regulations governing the environment and its impact on your company.

How to Control Risk Exposure

This session will highlight tips that can assist in reducing risks and controlling costs when a claim occurs.

Hours of Service

This session will review the new requirements on electronic logging of hours of service as well as proceeds to record hours correctly.

Improving your Safety Culture

Safety culture is a driving force behind building success within your company. This session will provide suggestions and recommendation on how to improve your safety culture.

Lessons Learned from Claims Investigations

This session will discuss what investigators have found when reviewing claims that could help you avoid experiencing the same issues.

OSHA Updates

Examine the impending changes in the regulations governing employee safety and the potential impact on your company.

Safety Incentive Programs

What is the role of safety incentives in the work place today? This session will review ways to develop a safety incentive program with rewards and recognition.

Spill Remediation

This session will review the importance of reporting a claim promptly.

The Impact of Dash Cameras

Why are dash cameras an important vehicle technology? This session will review real life examples of the impact dash cameras on the claims investigation process.

The Importance of Employee Training and Developmental Programs

This session will review innovative ways to improve training methods relevant for employees.

The Use of Personal Protective Equipment

This session will focus on providing on equipping and training employees on proper use of personal equipment in the workplace.

Vehicle Maintenance

This session will focus on the importance of maintaining company vehicles and investing state of the art equipment. Additional topics will include creating a vehicle maintenance and inspection policy that goes beyond DOT requirements.

Transportation Regulatory Update

This session will examine impending changes in the regulations governing transportation industry and its impact on your company.

Vehicle Accident Investigation

This session will focus on the type of accidents occurring today and what their main causes are. Other topics discussed include the importance of responding quickly to loss scenes and launching a thorough investigation to determine liability.


WC Programs that Really Work

Learn about the overall cost benefits of workers compensation programs such as early return to work and nurse case management.

50 Questions in 50 Minutes Panel Discussion for AL/GL

A panel of experts will answer 50 questions in 50 minutes about the importance of AL/GL claim handling and emerging claim trends facing our industry. The moderator will limit each panelist response to a maximum of 60 seconds.

50 Questions in 50 Minutes Panel Discussion for WC

A panel of experts will answer 50 questions in 50 minutes about the importance of WC claim handling and emerging claim trends facing our industry. The moderator will limit each panelist response to a maximum of 60 seconds.

Campaigning Against the Fraudulent Claim

Will educate attendees on how to proactively and aggressively uncover, investigate, and resist the most troublesome and costly types of claim fraud facing the commercial insurance industry. It will focus on the critical steps necessary to undertake Minor Impact Soft Tissue and “Slip and Falls” claims.

Contractual Risk Transfer and Indemnification

Discuss the pitfalls of risk transfer and indemnification and techniques that could be used to limit exposure while your company is in the contract negotiation process.

Investor Funded Litigation Update

This session will give an industry update on Investor Funded Litigation and effective strategies being used to curtail it, a major issue facing the commercial insurance industry.

Litigation Briefing

This session reviews best practices, planning, and strategic management of litigation claims.

Managing Catastrophic WC Claims

Catastrophic claims can be complex, costly and life-altering events. This session will focus on effectively managing catastrophic claims.

Human Resources

Cyber Protection Plans

This session will focus on why companies should protect their information and communication technology and ways that you can better prevent your business from cyber-attacks.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

This session will cover how to prepare, protect against, quickly respond to and recover from health emergencies in the workplace.

Employment Hiring Practices

This session will focus on effective hiring practices and the keys to finding the right person for the job.

Wellness Programs

This session will focus on the benefits of implementing an employee wellness program within the workplace.

Marketing and Strategy

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Discover the powerful tools and methods to use for promoting your business and products through the internet.

Social Media in the Claims Investigation Process

Explore how social media is used as a tool to further claims investigations and how your company can play an active role in this process.

The Aging and Millennial Workforce

This session will cover how to incorporate and introduce millennials into your ageing workforce.

The Opioid Epidemic and Injured Workers

Opioid epidemic is continuously growing and has moved into the workplace. Panelists will discuss ways to identify red flags for prescription abuse and strategies to reduce unnecessary opioid use.