Summit Speakers

Brian White is currently the Vice President of National Sales, Director of DiggiT and the direct supervision of the Northeaster US sales team.  Brian graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, in 1995, with a B.S. in Criminology, a B.A. in Psychology, an associates in Criminal Justice and an associates in Speech/communication.  Brian started as a security specialist with Caesars in Atlantic City NJ, before joining the Ocean City NJ police department where he was a patrol office for a little over a year.  In 1996 Brian started working with a National investigative company (Facticon Inc.) where he held 7 positions (including investigator, field training supervisor, operations manager, and account executive) until 2002 when he joined the Litigation Solutions team.  Since his start with Litigation Solutions in 2002, Brian has held 6 positions, been promoted 7 times and deals with both Local and National accounts across the US.  Brian has a total of over 21 years in the Law Enforcement and Private Investigative experience in the industry and continues to expand his knowledge within the field.

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