Summit Speakers

Mr. Chris Russell currently serves as a Federal On-Scene Coordinator with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 4 Office. He is outposted to Tallahassee, Florida where his Area of Response covers portions of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Some of his highlights during his tenure with the U.S. EPA include serving as EPA’s Incident Commander during the Deepwater Horizon Spill, various hurricane responses, as well as several National Security Special Events, including two Super Bowls and the 2012 Republican National Convention. During this timeframe, he has received multiple awards relative to his work accomplishments with the U.S. EPA.

Before his employment with the U.S. EPA, Mr. Russell served as an Emergency Response Manager for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection where he oversaw the operations of the Office of Emergency Response’s Orlando District Office. Mr. Russell earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Management and Planning from the University of West Florida and has nearly 25 years of experience working in both the fields of environmental response and emergency management. His work routinely involves working side by side with the clients and colleagues represented here at the Energi Risk Management Summit.

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