Summit Speakers

Service. Service. Service. Ed Acosta, aka Fast Eddie is famous for his speed & professionalism. With 35+ years in the Environmental industry, in the most strictly regulated state of California, Ed has seen it all. Starting as a young vacuum truck driver, later turned supervisor, Ed managed oil spill operations and drilling rig change-overs. He then spent time with MP environmental servicing Refineries & Marine accounts. Soon after, Ed joined Ocean Blue Environmental and now has a 20 year tenure leading the #1 Haz-Mat response company in California. Ed serves all of California’s premier clientele: Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, L.A. International Airport, L.A. County Department of Public Works, and Caltrans. With industry knowledge and a vast network of resources, Ed is your turnkey solution for Haz-Mat management. Furthermore, Coast Guard, Fish & Game, County Fire/Haz-Mat personally know Ed Acosta and already trust him to complete jobs properly. Responding to 80,000 gallon milk spills, chemical fires, ammonia releases, fish kills and elaborate storm drain cleanups, there is no calamity Ed shies away from. 

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