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Mr. Brannon concentrates his practice in the area of personal injury litigation, primarily in cases involving fatalities. He has defended clients across Texas over the years in cases involving alleged serious personal and worker and third party fatalities. He is frequently called to represent industrial, construction and transportation clients that have been involved in catastrophic incidents and accidents involving the death of one or more persons. His representation of his clients often begins on the date of incident, and continues up to and through the courthouse steps. He has litigated multiple cases involving alleged electrocutions, including cases with personnel in and out of the power industry. He has defended clients in multiple suits involving alleged explosions of enclosed vessels, crush injury and death, engulfment, drownings, falls from heights resulting in death, with allegations ranging from products’ defects in cranes, forklifts, tractor trailers and aerial lifts, to human error, negligence and gross negligence. He has represented several of the largest trucking and transport companies in the nation in automobile and 18 wheeler fatality cases, as well as smaller companies and owner operators in fatality and personal injury suits. He has defended products’ manufacturers, supplier and distributors in personal injury litigation.

Mr. Brannon has also defended general contractors and subcontractors on a variety of complex multi-party construction defect defense cases across Texas, encompassing defense of claims of breach of warranty, breach of contract and negligence, including suits with allegations of damages approaching $100,000,000.00. He has been able to get his clients dismissed on certain cases without paying a penny. In other lawsuits, his clients have been nonsuited for nuisance or less than defense costs values on cases involving construction defects or on site fatalities.

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