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Rob Seegers earliest memories of fixing diesel engines date back to his early childhood where he helped his father, a well-respected diesel mechanic, fix diesel engines in their home’s shop. After his father suffered a debilitating accident, which restricted him from repairing diesel engines and earning an income, Rob stepped-up to help his father, and his family, survive. Under the careful direction of his father who sat semi-paralyzed in a chair nearby, fourteen-year-old Rob rebuilt engines, ran diagnostics, and maneuvered his way through manufacturer service manuals like a pro, finding answers and even mistakes. Rob’s solution of acting as an extension of his father’s hands, helped his family stay afloat until his father was healthy enough to take over four years later.

Today Rob is respected as one of the nation’s top Master Diesel Mechanics. With over seventeen years experience as a certified Cummins Master Technician, Rob’s insight, working hand-in-hand on new product field testing with Cummins’ and Kenworth engineers, perfected some of the best heavy duty and mid-range diesel engines and trucks on the market. He helped dealership’s senior leaders and mechanics unravel and solve After treatment emission issues so they could implement long-lasting solutions for their customers. In 2014 Rob developed the LDT Optimization Solution, which was vetted and approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for its ability to improve emissions and efficiency in diesel engines. As devoted as Rob was to leveraging his passion for diesel engines to help his family survive, he is equally as passionate about helping trucking companies permanently resolve diesel engine repair issues and drastically reduce maintenance costs. Rob resides in Northern California.

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