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Robert Martineau serves as CEO of AirFlow Deflector. He previously served as Director of Business Development at Dexco Corporation, as well as management consultant, practicing accountant, vulnerable road user activist and volunteer within various organizations.

Robert grew-up in an entrepreneurial family in Montréal, Québec. His parents, Charles and Catherine were involved in their respective endeavours – Charles as a senior executive with General Motors and Catherine successfully combining a small personal tax practice, with the responsibilities inherent in growing a happy family of six children.

While actively participating within his community, Robert’s high school years began with a clear understanding of the benefits and responsibilities of entrepreneurship and self-determination. This resulted in the development and sale of several small business endeavors while studying and working at McDonald’s restaurants to the position of manager. Many of these activities were concurrent, contributing to an active and creative lifestyle which would provide a strong financial and professional foundation for his first post-university career position at an automotive dealer.

Robert’s start in automotive provided a new level of opportunities in the lines of management, process engineering and customer relations. The work and the environment allowed him to enjoy a variety of self-determining projects with different levels of complexity resulting in multiple promotions, while providing an invaluable mix of experience leading to the acceptance of a derivative opportunity with the Myers Group of Companies. This decision would provide the platform for a subsequent career change that would eventually lead to his current position at AirFlow Deflector.

During his time in Ottawa, Robert’s wife Mariella returned to Montréal to join Dexco Corporation. She is a shareholder and currently holds the role of President and Chief Executive Officer. Robert subsequently joined the Dexco team as an income partner, serving as Director of Business Development.

Robert and Mariella started to advocate for the vulnerable road user while living in Orleans, Ontario. They are strong supporters of “Vision Zero” initiatives and active members of the “Bike Coalition”, “Transportation Alternatives” and “NCUPA” non-for profit organizations that actively promote safety technologies and behaviours in North American cities and high-ways.

Intrigued by the creative processes involved in the development of business solutions during his tenure with Dexco, his passion for road safety, and a clear understanding of the need for commercially viable solutions in order to disrupt and ignite change; Robert became the major shareholder of AirFlow Deflector, a start-up company that develops and distributes leading side‐guard technologies for city and long‐haul trucks. Airflow products are designed to save the lives of those involved in truck crashes – they protect vulnerable road users and promote a reduced carbon footprint.

Robert and Mariella have three adult children. Constance and Alexander are building their careers at Dexco and Airflow Deflector respectively. Katherine completed her “Droit Civil” degree at the University of Ottawa in spring 2017, where she will continue with further studies in Common Law and Business. The family enjoys learning and working together and appreciate the intoxicating entrepreneurial spirit inherent in family events. 

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