Summit Speakers

Mr. MacFarlane has worked for MacFarlane Energy for over 15 years and holds a degree in Pre-law and Business. He started working in the Heating Oil business in 2002 coding service billing. Mr. MacFarlane saw the potential for improvement of efficiencies and accountability within both the service and delivery side of the business. He was an early adapter of wireless dispatching and has since always strived to keep the business ahead of the curve with technology.

Mr. MacFarlane has been instrumental in MacFarlane Energy’s rapid growth to over 100 employees. His focus has been on business acquisitions, developing new talent in the industry and implementing continuous training and best practices within MacFarlane Energy at all levels.

Currently serving as Government Affairs Chairman for The New England Fuel Institute (NEFI), Mr. MacFarlane is a member of NEFI’s executive Board and is a trustee of their Education Foundation (EFI). He is the Chairman of the American Energy Coalitions Marketing Committee, A Vice Chair of the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) and serves on the Energy and Environmental Committee for the New England Council (NEC).

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