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Sheila is a graduate of Ball State with an MA in Exercise Physiology and graduate of the University of Indianapolis with an MS in Physical Therapy.

Since 1992, Sheila has specialized in all elements of industrial injury prevention and treatment of Worker’s Compensation clientele. She is responsible for consulting, training and instructional materials design services in ergonomics intended to enhance the systems that make up the work environment. Primary focus: Ergonomic systems and work processes, injury prevention/intervention management strategies, physical abilities testing, safe worker behavior and return to work. Over the past decade, Sheila has developed and implemented fully integrated ergonomics and injury intervention programs utilized by Indiana and national companies to protect/educate their employees and reduce the cost of Worker’s Compensation by taking ownership of their risk program. ATI addresses challenges faced by consumer markets, office workers, warehousing and distribution, medical applications, and manufacturing environments ranging from forging to clean rooms.

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